Two Funerals and a Soccer Match

Saturday 1 September
At Tsolo (a four-hour drive from East London – the other side of Mthatha)
The funeral of the mother of a former colleague

Cause of death – the state of health care in rural South Africa.  She was 42 and had flu, which then became gastro.  She died of dehydration from what I can work out.  There were no doctors on duty at the local hospital.  She went from healthy to dead in ten days. It is a devastating story.

The service was held in a marquee at the home of the deceased. The wind was howling and we were sand-blasted through the open back of the structure, throughout the service.  The mfundisi was kind and funny.  I only knew three people at the service – bereaved, the colleague who accompanied me to the funeral, and two other former colleagues.

Sunday 2 September
At Phakamisa (just this side of King William’s Town)
The funeral of the father of a friend.

Cause of death – kidney failure related to diabetes.  He was in his sixties and had been an accountant for the government in Bhisho.  He had excellent health cover.  He spent most of the last nine months at a private hospital in East London, having regular dialysis.  It wasn’t a surprise, but still, incredibly sad for his daughter, Nosipho, who adored him.

The service was in the Phakamisa Community Hall – much more comfortable than the accommodation of the previous day, but also more grey and sterile and gloomy. I knew lots of people there. Nosipho is well known in the local lesbian community, and people turned out in numbers to support her. The mfundisi was of the evangelical kind who shouted and screamed and tried to save souls. Seems he was successful – two people went up at the end when he invited people to ask Jesus into their lives.

Saturday 8 September
At Victoria Grounds, King William’s Town
East London lesbians vs King William’s Town lesbians.

East London won 3 – 2.  The EL goalie was brilliant 🙂 .

East London in white. King William’s Town in blue.

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3 Responses to Two Funerals and a Soccer Match

  1. Astra says:

    You take such fantastic pictures! They really capture the vibe, the first two photos I thought were especially beautiful (in a sad way). What camera do you use? Tell me its not just your mobile… xxx

    • Lotusdrifter says:

      Thanks Ash. You remind me of the two news people at an awards function. One says to the other, “You take amazing pictures – you must have a really good camera.” The other replies, “Thank you. You write really excellent news articles – you must have very good word-processing software.” Ha ha – not really… I do have a good camera now and it makes all the difference – the long lens in particular – means I can get right up into people’s faces in a non-intrusive way – they are not aware and aren’t self-conscious, so the pictures have a much more real feel to them.

  2. sickofmlungus says:

    Then you post the photographs of grievers and mourners online because you just colonized them for art or some anthropological voyeurism. You didn’t even know those people, but you raped them anyway. Typical whitey. Kayerts and Carlier live! Viva!

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