No we aren’t

Thabo at the Barefoot Café in Chintsa is probably perfect for his job. He is warm and friendly, and tall and good-looking. He chats to the backpackers from Sweden and Germany, and students from Grahamstown. He shoots the breeze with complete charm and is partly responsible for the fact that people love the place. But even Thabo – cool as he is – cannot contain his curiosity:

“So, where are you guys from?”
“East London”
“And you came all the way out here just for lunch – excellent!”
“It isn’t that far, really”
“I guess not. So… do you two work together?”
“No, we aren’t colleagues”
“Ah you’re just friends”
“No, we aren’t just friends”


I decide to leave it there.

More silence.

“Ok then… have a safe trip back…”

Poor Thabo. He really wanted to chat.

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2 Responses to No we aren’t

  1. Sebastian says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t have that chat.

    • Lotusdrifter says:

      Ah Sebastian… it wasn’t really necessary – the point was made. And it gets a bit tedious… people’s fascination, I mean.

      Have you been there? It really is very mellow and they do excellent pizza – thin, crispy base.

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