Things are seriously insane here (in a good way)

By September the paperwork for 11 000 public works labourers will pass through our offices. I will edit and collate the reports of six implementation sites on a monthly basis (whoop – can you tell how excited I am?)  < – –  by way of excuse for not having blogged for how long?

 But there are interesting things going on and I learn something new every day.  Like:

  • If you finish a bottle of whiskey you must not put the lid back on it before disposing of it – if you do, you will get a headache.
  • You must never pass something behind someone’s back – always in front of a person (also, if your girlfriend is sitting up in bed, you should not lean across behind her to get something off the bedside table, you should ask her to lean back so that you can stretch past in front of her). Failure in this regard will result in your coming last in everything.
  • When you are done rubbing your girlfriend’s stiff neck and shoulders, you must beat the palms of your hands on the floor several times to get rid of her pain which will otherwise have moved into your body.

 I am a science-and-progress person. I have no time for superstitious nonsense. Why do I nod and agree to all these things? Because I am in love, which is the one irrationality I allow myself.

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4 Responses to Things are seriously insane here (in a good way)

  1. Astra says:

    I’ve just read your whole blog – I’m so glad your writing it, it’s a pleasure to read, surprising, educational (for me!) and funny. I feel so much more connected with you, I’ll be reading every post 🙂 xxx

  2. Helen says:

    A truly lovely post.

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